Performance Unleashed by Susan Stitt

Unleash Your Own Potential

How to set your best self free.

It’s time to up your game. This might mean doing more in your current position. Or it might mean exceeding expectations as you transition to something new. Whether you’re facing the known or the unknown, you have an opportunity to set something free. Something exciting, something fulfilling, something great. Figuring out what that is, what it takes, and how to make it happen is critical work we can’t always accomplish alone. It may help to have someone ask powerful questions and then listen deeply. That’s a part of executive coaching my clients appreciate most.

Susan has a unique ability to ask exactly the right questions.  Her skillful and inquisitive approach, alongside her adept coaching, allowed me to arrive at my own conclusions and really own the changes that I have made both personally and professionally. I have never been happier or more passionate doing the work that I do and I directly credit Susan for helping me get here.

Then there’s a whole pile of education, certification and applied practice in HR, organizational development, psychology, coaching and change management that helps my work too, although it’s a little more behind-the-scenes. I geek out on neuroscience and development theory – it’s something I’ve been fascinated with my entire career. I draw on all the learnings, research, tools, skills and best practices I’ve collected to help my clients close in on their goals.

If you have a feeling that you’ve reached an “accomplishment plateau,” or that you could be better prepared to seize opportunity, I’d like to suggest that the latest business book and weekend workshop are no longer enough for you.

Instead, I recommend a personal, meaningful, targeted and practical approach with someone you trust, who can be objective and hold you (gently and persuasively) accountable. This is when one-to-one executive coaching and focused, personalized leadership development work proves most powerful.

Approach matters. Personality matters. Credentials matter. Experience matters. Results matter. I appreciate that, so let’s start with a conversation.

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