Performance Unleashed by Susan Stitt

Unleash Great Leaders Organization-wide

Courage. That’s what we need to get started. Then we can change your entire organization.

This I know for sure: Whenever companies invest in focused, relevant, personalized leadership development, for their people at every level, the organization changes.

(Beware: the big lie of the leadership development industry is the Two-Day Senior Leadership Team Transformation. Self-awareness just isn’t as contagious as we’d like to believe.)

When you do make the investment to develop great leaders at every level, your organization’s profitability increases, teamwork improves, customer and employee satisfaction score high, and innovation emerges. Across the board. And for good.

Your people get better at seeing potential, taking risks and getting things done together. They just do. It’s a byproduct of the intensely courageous reflection we do, the master skills we apply, and the accountability that we design. Whatever change your organization faces, it begins with weaving leadership development, and courage, all the way through.

It would hard to describe how much I have learned, having Susan beside me in all these years as a trusted partner. She has been a key player, helping in building great teams, through her coaching, leadership and knowledge. She has transformed my way of managing people.

Look, if everything was fine, if everyone was meeting their numbers and your company was winning all sorts of awards for awesomeness, let’s agree you wouldn’t be on this site. Let’s begin with the fact that something in your organization needs to change, and we can no longer afford to live with it not changing.

This is how we work together to effect a transformation inside your organization:

  • We begin with your reality. I’m not going to ram you into programs I already have. We start at your beginning, embrace your corporate culture, discern your company needs, strengths, and goals.
  • We design a collaborative partnership. I need willingness, commitment, honesty and courage from your team. I’ll bring all the skills, experience, insights, agility, humanity, passion and conviction I have as a leadership development expert, certified coach and compassionate human to your cause.
  • Understanding where you are and knowing where you need to go, I create practical, meaningful, and relevant interventions to co- create the change you need.

Because Great Leadership. Changes. Everything.

Susan’s experience, insight and incredible ability to listen and pull forward the key aspects of a conversation are a rare combination. It’s inspiring to work with someone who exudes so much passion for their work. Her warm, yet professional approach was very effective. I’ve learned some valuable personal lessons around how my energies are an indicator of where I need to focus my efforts, and how to deal with that saboteur voice that we all have.

To every leader, at every level of leadership, know this: change starts with you.
You simply cannot get different results without tackling your own shit first.

Let’s talk about this more.