Performance Unleashed by Susan Stitt


What does it take to develop potential?

We can’t answer that yet. Because we haven’t talked through it. I don’t know you, your work culture, your organizational structure, your values, your team’s talents yet. Each person’s, and each organization’s, leadership development needs are different. And I don’t know yet what’s getting in your way.

Here’s what I do know:

I know you can unleash outstanding performances – from yourself, from your co-workers, and across your organization.  I’ve seen it happen over and over again. I know, too, that unleashing potential is intensely personal. It involves cracking open assumptions, calling out patterns, rethinking possibilities and equipping you with entirely new approaches and tools.

Which is why I offer collaborative and customized leadership development, grounded in your reality, delivering relevant results.

Unleash Your Own Potential

Working with you 1-to-1 to inspire your best performance, release your leadership prowess, prepare you to thrive in new roles and succeed with your new responsibilities.

Unleash High Functioning Teams

Working with your group to harness strengths, improve relationships, embrace and activate change.

Unleash Great Leaders Organization-wide

Working within your organization to develop great leaders at every level, promote peak performance and evolve culture.

Developing Leaders with Performance Unleashed works, long-term, thanks to:

  • A collaborative partnership that builds both accountability & capability with senior leaders
  • A customized approach that starts with your context, your goals, and your current reality
  • A systemic view to develop great leadership across all levels of your organization, promoting both individual and collective effectiveness
  • A rock-solid foundation of practical experience, business acumen, and extensive study that invokes profound insights, unavoidable truths and actionable strategies
  • An unwavering focus on results, specifically: increased performance in individuals, teams & organizations

“Susan has a gift to get people to stretch beyond their comfort zones by facing self-imposed limitations and really reaching for their dreams. I feel lucky and privileged to work with Susan.”

If you’re not sure whether this kind of development support will help you bring about the change you’re seeking, it can’t hurt to ask. I’m happy to have a conversation, discuss your objectives, and point you in the right direction.

Book that conversation now.