Performance Unleashed by Susan Stitt


In their own words

Taking on deep professional and personal development results in some honest-to-god positive and life-long changes.

But don’t take it from me. Here are some experiences of my past clients.

Working with Susan is rewarding, focused, deep, challenging & fun. She creates an environment that is open, she weaves theory and experience and guides you on the discovery of your best self. For me, I was able to slow down and honestly assess what was stopping me from being my best. I overcame limitations I was putting on myself and had the courage to take risks leading to greater career fulfillment. Susan continues to push me out of my comfort zone, challenging me when I need it and encouraging me when I need praise. She listens, she is available and she is the best.  I have found a better me thanks to Susan.

VP, Sales and Marketing

Susan has a unique ability to ask exactly the right questions.  Her skillful and inquisitive approach to understanding my needs, alongside her adept coaching, allowed me to arrive at my own conclusions and really own the changes that I have made both personally and professionally.  Through our monthly sessions, and the exercises she guided me through, I gained a more clear understanding of my values and my unique attributes.  Through this process, she bolstered me during the most challenging time in my career.  The result is that I am more confident and I bring my authentic self to everything I do – I found my mojo as a leader!  I have never been happier or more passionate doing the work that I do and I directly credit Susan for helping me get here.

  1. Susan has helped me realize that the only person who can determine my path forward is me.
  2. Susan has helped me realize the ‘old tapes inside my head’ and my perceptions about myself were preventing me from moving forward.   She helped me update the narrative which has led to a different approach to life and to leadership.
  3. Susan helps to open up your own Pandora’s box, which can be uncomfortable at first, but what is left at the end is a great deal of hope and clarity around your true purpose.
  4. Working with Susan has made me a better person…not to mention a better leader.
  5. Working with Susan has helped me discover a multitude of inspiring possibilities.
VP, Sales and Marketing

Susan is a special person with a true gift to get people to stretch beyond their comfort zones by facing self-imposed limitations and really reach for their dreams. I am so lucky to have had the privilege of working with her.

Director, Government Relations

“I have had many people from within and outside of my regional business unit comment on how our culture and team has evolved and changed for the better.  It really hit me that this would not have happened without the coaching, direction and support I received from Susan. She truly forced me out of my comfort zone and made me trust difficult decisions that had to be made. “

Sales Director

“When I was promoted one of my biggest career challenges was recognizing that the capabilities that made me successful needed to change. Susan worked closely with me to understand me (my values, aspirations, family and interests); she helped me really understand my strengths and challenges; she challenged my long-held assumptions and she collaborated with me to build a roadmap to success – personal and professional. Susan has an innate ability to help you solve your own problems. She can share hard truths but you know she is in your corner. She is a great listener, provides great advice but most importantly to me has a wicked sense of humour! Don’t be fooled, this is hard work but it was one of the best investments I have ever made.”

Director, Market Access

“It would hard to describe how much I have learned, having Susan beside me in all these years as a trusted partner. She has been a key player, helping in building great teams, through her coaching, leadership and knowledge. She has transformed my way of managing people. I wish I could spend more years working with Susan.”

VP, Sales

I had approached Susan initially looking for direction on refocusing my energies to find again that inner ‘mojo’ that drives me forward.  Susan’s experience, insight and incredible ability to listen and pull forward the key aspects of a conversation are a rare combination.  It’s inspiring to work with someone who exudes so much passion for their work. Her warm, yet professional approach was very effective in successfully working through the coaching goals we established at the outset.  I’ve learned some valuable personal lessons around how my energies are an indicator of where I need to focus my efforts, and how to deal with that saboteur voice that we all have.  I will continue to carry this framework forward in all aspects of my professional and personal life.

Sales Director

Recently Susan provided one-on-one coaching for me where she was able to take me out of my comfort zone, resulting in significant impact on my approach to coaching my team and on how I ran my business.  The insights that I gained from working with Susan enabled me to work with my team using new and different approaches and that resulted in significant “aha” moments for me. The feedback I received from my team was amazing and I have Susan to thank for that!

Regional Sales Manager

Susan was my coach during a major professional transition. She honed in on my values and strengths, and kept me focused on my short and long-term career goals. She easily read my situation and offered feedback and resources that were appropriate and very helpful. Susan was an absolute delight to work with. Her easy, non-judgmental, engaging approach made it motivating and inspiring to do the work I needed to move forward.

Partner/Creative Director

“Susan is not only the best HR person I have ever, ever, ever worked with, she is the only person who has helped me make a deeper connection between structure/people and the most important levers to activate a strategy.  She is a true business partner who can move across all the functions of the organization and add value time and time again.  She saw possibilities I wouldn’t have ever seen on my own and took a true interest in every individual down into their deep psychology and what would best enable their success.”

VP, Strategy

Working with Susan far exceeded my expectations. She pushed me, which was so good because I don’t get that a lot of given my role and level. I learned quickly that I couldn’t pull one over on her as she easily saw through the lies I was telling myself. She pushed for excellence and, at the same time, held an unwavering confidence in my abilities and my potential. She is trusting, thoughtful and super smart. Her inquisitiveness helped push me to confront myself and come up with solutions. Turns out that is way more effective than just giving me the answers! There is no fluff or bullshit with Susan. She is the real deal – practical, down-to-earth, with a superb understanding of how organizations work.


I’m forever changed having worked with Susan as my executive coach. Five things really stand out for me in why I chose Susan and what makes her so impactful:

Results. Every week I see the fruits of the investment I made in working with Susan. The biggest change is the courage I have now as leader. I’m so clear about my purpose and why I lead, I’m doing things I wouldn’t have done a year ago. And the impact I’ve having is undeniable.

Approach. Susan balances between gently leading and me leading. It’s a dance and a balance between the two of us. She shares her experience when it’s needed. She weaves theory and experience to help me. It’s always focused on bringing out my potential – tapping into what’s been in me all along. She helped me find my way, my approach. She helped me find a better me.

Focus. Susan’s focus was always on me and helping me be successful. She has  a clear vision about helping people go where they want to go. She has a clear vision and point of view about leadership.

Relationship. I felt a connection right away with Susan. She has an ease of presence. She is real, warm and caring.  She gives off this sense of calm and tranquility. It is easy to have a relationship with Susan. It’s easy to confide in her. She sees me. She understands me. And, importantly, she doesn’t judge me. She knows where I want to go. It’s clear Susan wants the best for me.

Relevant. Susan knew my environment and knew what I was experiencing. She really understood my context. Her experience working in large, global companies and working extensively with executives and all levels of leadership was obvious and so helpful. She could always see around corners, knowing before I could see it the issues I was going to encounter. Other coaches don’t have Susan’s experience and didn’t understand my context. Plus, it’s very clear that Susan has done her own hard work growing as leader and human and she puts her own wisdom and advice to work all the time.

Director, Public Affairs

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