Performance Unleashed by Susan Stitt


About patterns and potential (and a bit about me).

I’ve been focused on ‘people development’ my entire career. It’s always been easy for me to see people’s talents, values and what they’re capable of.

I see so many leaders become frustrated by their own patterns and held up by what they don’t know. Becoming a great leader is possible, for everyone. The better you know yourself, the more you can achieve. But it takes work, and know-how, and often a provocative, experienced partner who can get at what makes you great.

I’ve gained a reputation (which I love!) for pushing people out of their comfort zones and inspiring them to take action they wouldn’t have taken on their own. My clients tell me they appreciate my direct, caring style and the humour I bring to our work. They value my intuition, profound understanding, and my ability to get right to the root of complex issues. The most gratifying thing I consistently hear from clients is that I give them hope.

When I was promoted, one of my biggest career challenges was recognizing that the capabilities that made me successful needed to change. Susan helped me really understand my strengths and challenges; she challenged my long-held assumptions and she collaborated with me to build a roadmap to success – personal and professional. Susan has an innate ability to help you solve your own problems. She can share hard truths but you know she is in your corner. She is a great listener, provides great advice but most importantly to me has a wicked sense of humour! Don’t be fooled, this is hard work but it was one of the best investments I have ever made.

Unleashing potential in people, teams and across organizations

Before creating Performance Unleashed, I helped many executive leaders, HR professionals, and sales and marketing teams navigate large-scale change, improve employee engagement, develop leadership and managerial skills, and build robust talent pipelines.

I’ve worked across retail, consumer-packaged goods, and pharmaceutical industries, including Kraft Foods and AstraZeneca. My love of learning, degree in psychology and extensive training and certification in coaching, leadership, organizational development and human resources continue to inform my approach and expand my capacity to unleash potential.

Susan is the only person who has helped me make a deeper connection between structure/people and the most important levers to activate a strategy.  She is a true business partner who can move across all the functions of the organization and add value time and time again.  She saw possibilities I wouldn’t have ever seen on my own and took a true interest in every individual down into their deep psychology and what would best enable their success.

I’ve seen it time and time again – leaders doing phenomenal work because they finally find the environment and role where their passions, values, and strengths are aligned.

I love seeing that happen, and invite you to ask me more about how Performance Unleashed can provoke potential from you, your leaders, or your organization.

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