Performance Unleashed by Susan Stitt

Great Leaders Unleash Possibility

Great Leaders Unleash Potential

Great Leaders Unleash Capability

Great Leaders Unleash Profit

Remove the limitations, and set your leaders free

Developing leaders in your organization will have a huge impact on the future.

Without a doubt, leadership development changes the whole trajectory of your business. Why? Great leaders have 10x the impact on your business than “good” leaders. Think revenue, profit, customer and client satisfaction, employee retention and engagement.

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Great leaders become great through fierce focus on their own development.

They release old assumptions, attitudes, and behaviours that don’t serve them anymore. They gain clarity, self-knowledge and exceptional communication skills. They, literally, unleash themselves to be their best selves, and learn how to lead others to be their best selves.

When an organization focuses on accelerating leaders’ development across the board, this results in break-through performance, unbeatable teams, and unprecedented achievements. I see it all the time. Great leadership is THE differentiator for stunningly better business.

Developing great leaders demands a bespoke approach.

Are you (truly) ready to think (really) big, and explore how (fantastically) far you, and your people, can go?

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Susan Stitt

On unleashing potential in people, teams and across organizations.

I’ve watched it happen throughout my career: leaders doing phenomenal work because they finally find the environment and role where their passions, values, strengths are aligned. I love to encourage that discovery and guide that transformation through customized executive coaching and bespoke leadership development. I do it with honesty, compassion, humour and a knack for getting to the root of complex issues. The most gratifying thing I consistently hear from clients is that I give them hope.

Ask me more about how Performance Unleashed can help release all that potential.

About Susan

Great Results Former clients share their thoughts...
“... our culture and team has evolved and changed for the better. It really hit me that this would not have happened without the coaching, direction and support I received from Susan.”
"...It would be hard to describe how much I have learned, having Susan beside me in all these years as a trusted partner..."
"Susan’s experience, insight and incredible ability to listen and pull forward the key aspects of a conversation are a rare combination. "
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"If great leadership were just a matter of common sense, it would be common. The fact that it is not common, despite all the activity to develop it, suggests that, if shortcuts were possible, we would have all bought the package long ago and would now be enjoying the fruits of success." Bob Anderson and Bill Adams, Mastering Leadership Unleash Great Leaders